Accelerate Premium

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The Accelerate Premium Program is the perfect coaching program if you’re deadly serious about getting FAST RESULTS.

It’s an ideal program for the savvy salon operator who wants to move to the next level and is prepared to step up and do what’s required.

With 4 coaching conversations per month, plus email mentoring and support between calls, you have the opportunity to move your business forward faster than you believed possible.

Whatever issues are currently holding you back from your desired performance, this program is guaranteed to deliver every opportunity for success.

This program is available as a 6-month or 12-month coaching option.

Ask yourself these questions to see if this program is right for you.

  • Is my business humming along nicely but it needs a super-boost to take it to the next level?
  • Am I good but I want to be GREAT?
  • Am I the kind of person who would truly benefit from being held accountable to keep moving forward and taking action?
  • Do I want to understand the numbers in my business and how they can totally change the decisions I make?
  • Do I want to learn more about how to grow a long-term and sustainable business?
  • Am I committed to being successful and prepared to do the work required?
  • And finally, do I understand the difference between a getting quick cash injection that some coaching programs may promise and being able to continuously grow my business through implementing proven solid business building strategies across all areas of my business?


If you answered ‘yes, Yes, YES’ to all the above questions, then you’re ready to undertake the Accelerate Premium Coaching Program.


But here’s the deal – this program is not for the faint-hearted.  If you think receiving coaching without doing what’s required is all it takes to become successful, then this isn’t right for you.  You have to be prepared to make real changes and push yourself outside your comfort zone if you want to accelerate your growth.

Still think you want to move forward?  Then keep reading…

Accelerate Premium 

The right solution for salon owners who already have a good understanding of their business, but want on-call mentoring and guidance when making important decisions.  Speak to your coach directly up to 4 times per month for personal mentoring when you need it.What’s included in your program?

  • Accelerate Business Assessment for Salons and Spas to pinpoint exactly where there are current problems in your business. This extremely valuable assessment is worth $397.
  • Extended one-on-one time with your coach. Monthly –  either *4 x 30 minute calls or 2 x 60-minute calls to discuss what your Performance Reports highlight as well as any immediate issues you may need guidance and support around. (That’s double the one-on-one time with your coach)
  • Accelerate Monthly Performance Reports for your salon and each team member, to immediately pinpoint problems in your business and ensure they are stopped straight away before long-term damage results.  Click here for more information on these invaluable reports.
  • Written Monthly Report outlining what the Performance Reports show and suggestions on immediate actions to take. (Not included in any other program)
  • Email support whenever you have a problem that needs a solution, or just a question that needs an answer. Even if that’s daily. Total support when and as you need it. (Not included in any other program.)
  • Information Modules including business templates you may need for quick implementation of new growth strategies.
  • Action planning to ensure follow-through and results.
  • Accelerate Newsletter full of great business information and tips.

Included bonus offers:

Bonus 1: You will also receive unlimited reviews of all your marketing material throughout the duration of your coaching. This alone is valued at many hundreds of dollars.

Bonus 2: 15% discount off all your customised writing needs. (Not available in any other program)


The Accelerate Premium Coaching Program is available to you as a:

6-month option or 12-month option.

* Unused calls are not rolled over to the following month or transferrable.  All calls are initiated by the coachee.


Want to know more about the Accelerate Monthly Performance Reports?

The Accelerate Performance reports monitor Key Performance Indicators for your salon and also each of your team members.  This means we can pinpoint exactly where your problems are quickly and this, in turn, allows us to make fast decisions to get you back on track.These reports deliver vital information about the performance of your salon that includes:

  • Breakdown of male and female client numbers.
  •  Number of clients serviced monthly and daily by each team member.
  •  Service income per day, per client by each staff member.
  •  Retail sales by dollar and unit, per day, per client by each staff member.
  •  Gift certificate sales per day by each staff member.
  •  Gift certificate redemption per day by each staff member.
  •  Client re-booking percentages by each staff member.
  •  New clients per day, by each staff member.
  •  Sales figures in your Key Performance Areas per day, by each staff member.
  •  Wages as a ratio of turnover for each staff member.
  •  Comparison of month-to-month sales in every key area within your salon?
  •  Comparison of month-to-month sales in every key area for each staff member.


No more guesswork, just the real facts at your fingertips.

So, if you want to:

  • Feel excited about the future of your business
  • Reclaim your positive outlook
  • Feel calmer and more in control
  • Be more energised and enthusiastic every day

Get in touch.

If you’d like to chat to me personally about this program to determine if it would suit your needs, then get in touch via my contact page and leave me your details.

I’m looking forward to talking with you about how to grow your business more rapidly.

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