Coaching Intro

It can be a little daunting when you’re considering getting some coaching help for your salon or spa.

  • Will I work well with the coach?
  • Will she have the knowledge I need to get a great return from my investment?
  • Will I be able to do the things she tells me to do and get a great outcome?

All of these questions will go through your mind and rightly so.

After all, coaching is something to take seriously. The success of your business may just hinge on it.

With all this in mind, I’ve created a simple ‘Introduction to Coaching‘ service to give you an insight into just how great it feels to have access to someone with proven business success.

Someone who can guide you toward the most desirable outcomes, and help you to avoid costly pitfalls along the way.

Introduction to Coaching

Here’s what you get with Introduction to Coaching:

  • 1x45min personal Skype coaching call with Pam.
  • 4 weeks of email support after your call to answer all of your business building questions*.
  • Access to detailed Accelerate Business Information Modules which includes Business Templates on the topics you need help with (this alone could be worth hundreds of $s).
  • Review of all marketing materials including but not limited to newsletters, articles, web pages, blog posts and promotional material.
  • Access to over 30 years of successful business knowledge.
  • A copy of my e-book ‘33 Proven Strategies to Make More Money in Your Salon Right Now‘.
  • A copy of my e-book ‘425 Commonsense Business Tips for Salons, Spas and Clinics‘.

*Not including legal or accounting advice.

Tallied up, this offer is valued well in excess of $1500 in personal coaching and business-building resources.

Purchase your Introduction to Coaching session here.

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Want to find out a little more?  That’s fine, you can send me a message by clicking here.

The sooner you get started, the quicker you’ll get results!

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