Post Program Option

Congratulations!  You’ve reached the end of your coaching program and no doubt made great strides in your business.

But what happens now?

You’ve loved the support, guidance and of course accountability that comes with personal coaching, and more than likely you don’t want that to disappear all of a sudden.

Well, there is another option and it’s one that you will find very attractive because it allows you to continue your journey without another bulk outlay of money.

It’s the Pay-by the Week Post Program plan and it provides you with everything you relied upon and enjoyed during your coaching program.

Here’s how it works.

Simply click below to sign up for weekly payments of $79.


This provides you with:

  • Set of customised monthly PEPreports like you’ve been receiving during your program
  • Monthly 45 minute Skype call
  • Unlimited email coaching support
  • Unlimited email marketing reviews
  • Accelerate Modules as required
  • The peace of mind knowing you still have all the support you want and need for your business.


So, if you’d love to see your business keep moving in a forward direction, then let’s keep working together to make sure that’s exactly what happens.

Terms & Conditions:

13 weekly payments covers 3 months of calls and email support

4 payments must be made in advance of your first Skype Call or set of PEPreports

Coaching can be stopped at any time by either party