Client Loyalty Program

by Pam Stellema

Client Loyalty Program 

Module Lead-in:

Gone are the days when you had a client for life.  Today, a client’s loyalty to your salon is fragile, and sometimes it’s the very smallest thing that will break it.

There are many contributing factors to client loyalty.  These include:

  • The quality of the treatments your team delivers.
  • The standard of customer service your salon provides, and of course
  • Value for money...


The cornerstone of every business is client loyalty.  Without that, you are constantly in search of new clients and that's an expensive way to do business.  This module outlines how to create and implement a Client Loyalty Program that helps to keep clients returning to your business so that they can earn rewards.

This module includes a PDF document outlining:

  • What a client loyalty program is and why your salon or spa should have one.
  • What a client is really worth to your salon.
  • What the reward should be for your clients.
  • How to implement your Loyalty Program.
  • Outline of how to use a software based Loyalty Program.
  • Outline of how to use a manual Loyalty Program.

Included Resources in editable Word format are:

  1. Client Value Template
  2. Sample Loyalty Card Template

Pages: 14

🙂 This module is also available as part of the value Package - Client Retention

Price: $30.00

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