Determining the True Cost of Your Services

by Pam Stellema

Determining the True Cost of Your Services

Module Lead-in:

Why spend the time to work out the cost of delivering your services?

Why not simply use the calculations and recommended selling price that your suppliers provide, or even just hazard a guess based on what other salons in your area are charging?

The reason is simple – until you absolutely know what your services are actually costing you to deliver, you can’t accurately determine a profit-generating selling price.

Every salon is unique in the way it creates and delivers its services, and because of this, no two salons can offer their services for the same selling price and still make the same profit...


This in-depth module covers everything you need to know to calculate the cost of the services you provide in your salon and spa.  Once you know what each service costs to provide, you can be certain you'll never sell any service without the desired profit margin again.

This module includes a PDF document outlining:

  • Why you need to know the cost price of your services.
  • How to determine the cost of your services accurately.

Included Resources in editable Word format are:

  1. Master Costing Template - Products
  2. Master Costing Template - Consumables
  3. Master Costing Template - Individual Service Cost
  4. Service Profitability Summary Template - By Category

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