Develop a Winning Service Menu

by Pam Stellema

Develop a winning service menu for your salon or spa.

Module Lead-in:

You’ve decided it’s time to revamp your service menu. Great!

However, before you throw something together quickly, consider how the act of creating a new menu will give you many positive opportunities to review and improve your business as well.

Your menu represents the quality of your salon or spa to current and prospective clients. Don’t be lured into thinking that just anything will do for the moment! Too often, once you’ve done this, it will be too long before you revisit your service menu again, and this will result in lost opportunities to increase your revenue.

Your service menu is often the very first contact that a prospective client may have with your business. Providing that the outside of your salon is clean and inviting, the next thing that a prospective client will look for is your service menu.


This comprehensive business information module covers all you need to know to produce an outstanding service menu for your salon and spa.

Your service menu is a sales tool for your salon, both for prospective clients and current clients.  It must be clear, focused and concise while still guiding readers to choose the most beneficial and profitable services you offer.

This module includes a PDF document outlining:

  • The role of your service menu.
  • Quality and presentation.
  • Research required.
  • Discover your Point of Difference.
  • Information to include in your service menu.
  • Service categories.
  • Included services.
  • Services to remove from your menu.
  • Service descriptions.
  • Service durations.
  • Male menu.
  • Service placement.
  • Tri-fold menu layout.
  • The order of your services.
  • Fonts.
  • Colours.
  • Images.
  • Menu dimensions.
  • Menu inserts.
  • Quantity.

Included Resources in editable Word format are:

  1. Service Menu Checklist
  2. What Makes My Salon Unique Template
  3. Service Addition, Deletion and Alteration Template
  4. Services and Categories Template
  5. Descriptive Words and Phrases Template
  6. Phrases That Describe Benefits Template
  7. Service Name Conversion for Male Clients
  8. Service Listing by Category Template

Pages: 47

🙂 This module is also available as part of the value Package - Business Essentials

Price: $67.00

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