Strategy Day

Do you need a fresh approach to your salon or spa business?

Have you reached a stage in your business where you just don’t seem to be able to push it to the next level?

Do you need help to sort through your current issues, remove the mind clutter, and develop a clear and precise list of the things you need to do next?

If this sounds just like where you’re at right now, then you’re the perfect candidate to take advantage of a full day strategy session to get your salon or spa moving in the right direction again.

Information Overload

One of the biggest issues that face salon or spa owners today is information overload.

Everywhere you look there are business tips, advice and articles all outlining how to grow your business.

Lots of them contain great advice.  You recognise this immediately, but it’s just another thing that has to go onto your to-do list.

No wonder overwhelm begins to set in.  So many great ideas, but where do you start. What comes first.  Which strategy will deliver the biggest impact to your bottom line?

The Solution

This is where a personalised Strategy Session with an experienced business coach, who has decades of beauty industry experience, will make all the difference to your salon.

Using an outsiders perspective married to a clear business mindset, allows us as partners to get your business moving forward again.

There’s nothing we can’t resolve together.  Whether it be issues around marketing, selling, service provision, recruitment, team motivation, goal setting or any other thing that’s holding you back.

A full day together allows us to dig deep.  Really deep. Get to the core of the problem and find the solution.

 Who’s Eligible?

Right now, this offer is available to salon and spa owners in Brisbane, the Gold Coast and surrounding areas.  It’s also available to those who wish to travel to the Gold Coast for their one-on-one strategy session.

How to Get Started

Either send me a message via my contact page or give me a call on 0431 975 515 to discuss your needs.

If you love the idea of a private strategy session, but don’t currently have the funds available, why not bring in a friend or two who is in the same position as you to share the costs?  It may not be one on one, but I can guarantee everyone will take away a truck-load of fresh knowledge and motivation from the day.

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