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Information to help you increase the motivation of your staff

Let’s Talk About Staff Retention for Salons & Spas.

I’ve been producing some Live Videos for my Facebook Group in the past few months, SalonSavy Beauty Biz Group, and I thought I’d share them with you also in case you’re not a member of the group. In this video, I’m talking about Staff Retention – what they need from you to stay longer and…

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13 Powerful Strategies to Kick-Start Your Spa in the New Year

At the beginning of each year, most of us make a mighty dollop of personal New Year’s resolutions; get thinner, get fitter, stop smoking, drink less, or maybe it’s all of these and a few more for good measure. However, when you own a business, you often need to extend those resolutions to include new…

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7 Ways To Prepare For Your Best Salon Christmas Ever

Yes, I know. Everyone hates thinking about Christmas being just around the corner, but when you’re in the beauty business and it’s your busiest time of year, then heading in without a plan isn’t the wisest move. With a bit of time up your sleeve, you can prepare yourself properly, and that should ensure you’ll…

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6 Steps to Create Your Perfect SpaTeam

Unless you’re a sole-trader and have no employees, chances are the biggest stressor you’ll have in your salon or spa comes from managing and motivating your own team members. After all, your team is responsible for providing and up-selling services, selling products, re-booking clients, and delivering outstanding customer service. All of which form the cornerstone…

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Countdown to Christmas in Your Salon

Does it feel like this past year has gone by in a blink to you?  It sure does for me. But, we’re well into November and the countdown to bedlam has begun. The very last thing you think you have time for is to sit down and make a checklist of all the things you…

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How your Communication Style is Affecting your Salon Team’s Performance

One of the top 3 issues salon owners tell me they have, is problems with the performance of their team members. I often hear the questions, “Why don’t they see what I can see?” or, “Why don’t they do it the way I’d do it?” It leaves them feeling frustrated and more than a little…

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The Art of Team Motivation

It’s a broadly known fact that every business’s success hinges on the performance of their team. Without buy in, loyalty and enthusiasm from their key team members, no business stands a chance of becoming or remaining successful. After all, it’s your team members who’re providing service to your customers on a daily basis.  therefore it’s…

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6 Actions You Can Take To Resolve Workplace Conflict In Your Salon

Conflict can and does happen in every workplace. Work should be enjoyable for everyone, and this means nipping conflict in the bud as soon as possible once it begins, or better still, preventing it altogether. Whether it’s a large multi-layered business or a small salon or spa, if there are people involved, conflicts are sure…

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Why Your Employees Are Wrecking Your Business, And What You Can Do About It

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Good employees are the backbone of every business. When they’re working with you, your business will prosper, but if they are working against you, then expect turbulent times. You might be wondering, “Why would my employees want to work against me?” After all, you employ them, pay their wages and do your best for them.…

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6 Tips on How To Become A Great Leader in Your Salon

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If you own your own salon and employ others, you’ll already know that being a great leader is not something that just happens.  It’s a skill. But the good news is that like all skills, it can be learned. Why do you need great leadership skills? Well, the answer to that is pretty straightforward. If…

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