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Here’s what we’ll be covering in the webinar:

  • The Referral Program Find out how to make your referral program deliver real results for the long-term well being of your business.
  • Joint Ventures Discover the secret of Joint Ventures and how they can result in dramatic increases in your client numbers … fast.
  • Effective Website ContentHave you spent a fortune on your website but it’s still not converting lookers into buyers.  Find out why this is happening and what you can do about it.
  • Branding Your BusinessWhether you think you do or think you don’t , your brand is out there sending important messages to your prospective clients.  What messages are you sending and are they the right ones?
  • Attracting the Right ClientsWould you like more of the ‘right’ clients patronising your salon or spa.  The ones who want your treatments and products and are willing to pay for it?  Learn more about increasing the amount of this type of client in your business.

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