Keeping clients simply ‘satisfied’ these days is not enough to keep them loyal. Salons are popping up at the rate of knots and there are easily twice as many salons per suburb as there was ten years ago. This means only those salons that know how to wow their clients are going to be successful in  getting them to return. Naturally, clients expect to receive the very best treatments, but once you have this down pat, you’ll be surprised to know that it’s often the little things that really matter to them. Here’s a quick look at 21 simple tips to help you turn your average client relationship into a much stronger and longer-lasting one. Tip #1. From the minute they walk in the door, every client should feel like royalty. Immediate eye contact along with a genuinely warm greeting using their name is a must. Tip #2. Gather your client’s information on her first visit. How do you think it makes her feel if you don’t even want to know her surname or contact details? Tip #3. Offer her something to drink. This sounds almost too simple, but there are still loads of salons who forget to offer a refreshment to their clients. My local salon offers a small home-made treat with a cuppa and I love it. Tip #4. Introduce her to as many staff members as possible and have them greet her warmly and with a genuine smile. Make her feel part of your special salon family. Tip #5. Give your new client a tour of your salon. She’s not a mind-reader and can’t guess what you offer, so give her the royal tour and answer her question about your services. Tip #6. Don’t waste your client’s time.  This means not keeping her waiting as well as not allowing your treatments to extend past their normal time-frame. You client’s time is valuable and you must respect it. Tip #7. Always keep the conversation based on what the client wants to talk about. It’s her special time and she must  be the one to decide if she wants to talk about herself or just be quiet. Be aware and respectful of her needs. Tip #8. Make sure you have hooks and hangers in your treatment rooms. Clients like somewhere to hang their clothes so they don’t look crushed when they leave your salon. Tip #9. Provide comfortable seating in each treatment room so the client has somewhere to sit before and after her treatment if she needs to . Tip #10. Provide a decent sized mirror and some complimentary makeup in your treatment rooms for her to use so she looks as good as she feels when she leaves your salon. Tip #11. Never assume what your client may or may not like. As a courtesy, offer your client a choice if you include additional services with your treatments. Not everyone likes their scalp massaged or their feet rubbed. Give them something they will appreciate rather than something you think they’d like. Tip #12. Offer warmed aromatic towels after massage or waxing so the client doesn’t finish her treatment feeling sticky or slippery. Tip #13. Remember her birthday with a small salon gift voucher that she can use on whatever she wants. Tip #14. Reward her for her loyalty. Offer her a small gift after her fifth visit and something more worthwhile after her tenth visit. Tip #15. Say thank you with a salon voucher, if and when she refers a friend to your business. Tip #16. Let her know when you’re having special deals on offer. Good clients should get first choice from what’s available. Tip #17. Never try to hard-sell to her. When she knows she can trust you, she’ll listen to your recommendations and believe what you tell her. Tip #18. Consult with her at every visit. Many people want the opportunity to try something new. Tip #19. Never speak poorly about other clients or staff members. She’ll know that if you speak about others this way, you’ll do the same to her when she’s gone. Tip #20. Always invite her back for her next visit. Just like you would tell a friend to “come back soon”, your client wants to know you’re looking forward to seeing her again. Tip #21. Value her as an individual. Never assume what she wants or how she feels. Offer her respect and care, and she’ll offer the same in return. I’m sure there are dozens of additional ways that you can make your clients just love coming to your salon. Why not leave a comment below and tell us what you do to make your clients feel a special part of your salon.