Have you ever lost clients from your salon or spa? 

It happens, and it sucks – big time

But are you partly responsible for this loss?  Are you doing what it takes to retain your valuable clients

Are you doing everything right and staying in touch regularly?

Regular communication these days is a must-do.

The days when you could rely on a quarterly seasonal newsletter to keep in touch are done and dusted. 

If you wait three months to talk to your clients, you could be in for a big surprise, because over a three-month period your clients can easily be wooed away from you and into the welcoming arms of a competitor. 

Three months gives that competitor a healthy period of time in which to cement the relationship with their new client (the one who used to come to your salon).

So how often should you touch base with your clients?

Well, that depends on what you have to say to them. 

At a minimum, your clients should be receiving a quality and informative communication from you at least once per month. 

This is the very least you should be doing.

On top of this, with social media such as Facebook at your fingertips, you can be tweaking your message and adding value to your clients every day. 

Many times over actually. 

And of course, now the every salon and spa can have their own App, you can deliver important marketing messages into the hands of your clients as you wish or need to.

But today, we’re going to take a closer look at creating a winning newsletter.

To get started, let’s take a closer look at what you need to offer in your newsletter to ensure that your clients are always eager to receive them in their inbox, and are quivering with delight at what awaits them.


Creating the perfect newsletter for your salon or spa.

Here are my five simple must follow rules to ensure your newsletter gets read.

The first rule when sending an email newsletter is to make your subject line compelling, plus get it past the spam filters of your clients. 

This means leaving out spammy words that will send your email directly to the junk mail.  It’s hard enough to get your emails opened without that happening.

The second rule is to make the information in your newsletter relevant to your clients. 

By this I mean it has to matter to them

It has to have benefits for your client. 

It has to be something that your clients will find fascinating to read.

Don’t fall into the trap of talking about what matters most to you.  Boring!  Think about what your clients want to know, do your research, and give them something worth reading.

The third rule is don’t overload them with too much information at once. 

A grand total of three topics in one newsletter is enough. Tons actually. Any more than this then they will most likely stop reading half way through and click the delete button or toss it into the round filing bin beside their desk.

The fourth rule is to add some nice, relevant pictures.  People love pictures, and if they’re interesting it will encourage your clients to begin reading – well at least the first few lines.

To keep them reading, you need to give them a good reason such as great articles and spectacular offers.

The fifth rule is to make sure they take action. 

It’s pointless telling them all about your super offer if you don’t ask them to make a booking. 

Tell them what you want them to do – Ring us today on 12 333 444 to book your appointment/redeem your special gift/lock in this deal.


Staying in touch regularly with your clients will give you the edge over your competitors. 

You must keep gently reminding your clients why you are the best choice for them, and give them good reasons to keep coming back to your salon or spa, rather than trying out the new one down the street.