Are you great at what you do?

If you know you are, do you ever wonder why you are not getting more clients who refer their friends and family to you?

The answer is quite simple really.

People are L.A.Z.Y.  Yes, it’s true.

Why should your clients bother to refer anyone to you? 

They pay you well for doing what you do, so what gives you the right to expect any more?

The truth of the matter is that most people walk around day after day, asking themselves the same question. 

That question is “What’s in it for me?”

It goes like this,”What’s in it for me if I go to work today?… oh, I’ll get paid and won’t lose my job“, or “What’s in it for me if I do something nice for the boss?… oh, she might do something nice for me down the track”, and of course “What’s in it for me if I tell all my friends about my fabulous new salon? …oh, nothing“.

Are you starting to get my drift? 

How is your client going to benefit from giving you a referral? 

What’s in it for them?

This is a good question to ask yourself.

What can you give to your clients to make it worth their while to refer you to friends and family?

You tell me!