3 1/2 Secrets to Salon Success


Running a salon is hard work and making it profitable is even harder! 

Filled with fantastic, profit generating ideas to help you make more money in your salon… and the really great thing is you don’t need an MBA from Harvard to understand and implement the Action Steps that are in this book.

If you want to see positive changes happening in your salon that will return you greater financial reward, but are not sure where you should start, then this is the right book for you.

Easy, straight forward and practical advice and tips that you can use immediately!

3 1/2 Secrets to Salon Success  will show you how to:

  • Create an environment in your salon that will help you to become much more successful.
  • Remove the negative mindset your staff have around sales.
  • Set targets so that your staff have something to aim for.
  • Work smarter not just harder.
  • Generate more sales than you have ever had before – step by step.
  • Fill your appointment book months in advance.
  • Increase the retention rate of your clients by double.
  • Reduce the number of clients who don’t come back.
  • Generate increased client loyalty.
  • Become a better leader to your team.
  • Set your business goals to drive you forward.
  • Make a profit!

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Here’s what other readers have said about this book…

 Just finished 3 1/2 Secrets to Salon Success, content is fabulous and will be recommending this book to all. Pauline Valle – Ultraderm
Fantastic book Pam, congratulations. So much great information and ideas from your wealth of knowledge. Highly recommended! Nicole Murray – BusinessInterviewChannel
To Pam, thanks for your book, I couldn’t put it down. Excellent business ideas & I can’t wait to implement some of those strategies into my business…Look out girls here I come! (My staff won’t know what hit them). Natalie Goldman Totally Fabulous Skin Care & Spa Body Therapies

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Here’s a sneak preview…


3 ½ Secrets to Salon Success (and how they will make you tons of money when you use them) is a resource for the many salon owners out there who are struggling to find financial success in their business.   It’s also a valuable reference for those who are doing OK, but want to do even better!

The information in this book has been gleaned over 3 decades of personal and hands-on business experience including, but not limited to, being a successful and profitable salon owner and business development coach.

Because you have purchased this book, you’re undoubtedly a salon or spa owner who wants to achieve more financial success from being in your own business.   You want more freedom to choose the services and products you provide to your clients, along with the ability to create a successful business that will provide you with a healthy financial return for the time you invest in it.

“3½ Secrets to Salon Success” focuses on several key performance indicators within your business, that when developed, can and will have a remarkable effect on your ability to make a greater profit.

This book is not about becoming the best beauty team member or stylist you can be because I know that you have most probably achieved that already.   It’s about becoming a better business person; someone who can make a great living from doing what they love.

Whether you’re a salon owner with several team members or a Salonpreneur, you will find the information provided in this book invaluable.   When used, it will propel your business to where it will start making you more money with less stress.

If you choose to implement even a small portion of the business building tips you will find in this book, you can become more financially successful. It’s really all up to the actions you do or don’t take.

You will also find entwined in the material that’s covered in this book a recurring theme which outlines the need to build strong client relationships within your salon.   No amount of new and improved services in the world will ever mean more to your clients than how you and your team made them feel while in your salon.

This is one of the major factors in achieving long-term success and should never be forgotten.   After all, without loyal clients there can be no business.

Also, there will always be the need to strengthen the relationships you share with your team.   Research shows that the level of customer service your team provides to their clients is the same as you provide to them.

This can either be a wonderful thing to learn or perhaps very scary…. depending on the kind of relationships you enjoy right now.

Finally, learn the art of patience.  A business that’s struggling cannot zoom to the top overnight, no matter how many changes you introduce.

 Like a toddler learning to walk, there may be some falls and bumps along the way.  Don’t let this distract you or keep you from bouncing back and moving forward.

Create your personal plan for success and stick with it.  Success is yours for the taking if you’re strong enough to keep learning and implementing what you have learned.

I am not telling you success is easy, but it’s worth it!

Grab your copy today.


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