This morning I was reviewing a discussion in a writing group at Linkedin that I joined a while back.

As I was scrolling down the messages that various people had left, I came across one from a gentleman who had had enough.

He was angry, frustrated and lashing out.


Because he was sick of being bombarded with useless information….too much spam and unwanted content was sneaking into his life in the guise of helpful communication.

He was angry and he was letting the world (and the spammer) know about it.

This got me thinking about the kind of content you may be sending to your clients and what impact it may be having on your relationship with them.

Is it content that is meaningful to you or meaningful to your clients?

Now, don’t get me wrong, I believe in quality communication with your client base and I believe it should be on a regular basis.

But… has to be content that is valuable to your clients.

Bombarding your clients with annoying sales pitches that will only benefit your bottom line will no doubt have them racing to click on their unsubscribe button, but worse still, could irreparably damage the relationship you have worked so hard to develop

So what should you send to your clients? That is pretty easy to figure out. It’s the same stuff you like to get.

Special offers and great tips that your clients can use to make their lives better and easier in some way.

So stop bombarding your clients with pushy, sales-y newsletters and emails.

Start communicating in a way that will help to further build your relationship and keep your clients wanting more and looking forward to your next fabulous newsletter and special offer….just for them!