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 There is never a better time to plan for greater business success than right now!

And because you’re here, reading this information, I know you’re someone who wants to thrive financially, enjoy successes every single day and also craves the rewards being a business owner can bring.

But sometimes, accessing the knowledge to achieve that level of success, is not always right at your fingertips.  And that’s where being part of the Accelerate Club will provide exactly what you need, when you need it, to achieve the rewards you deserve.  

Here's the absolute truth about running your own beauty business...

Owning and operating your own business is bloody hard work, and I’m talking from personal experience here.

All those wonderful ideas about being your own boss, making your own decisions, developing your own services and hiring ‘your kind‘ of people seemed so appealing in the beginning.

Am I right?

However, as reality sets in, you soon realise that while you can make all these new decisions for yourself now, they don’t always result in making a great profit.

So, here’s the thing…

It’s crazy to keep on re-inventing the wheel. All those hard ‘lessons’ you’re learning can be bypassed with a little help from an experienced industry-based mentor who’s stood in your shoes.

Let’s face it, it’s just plain nuts to do it the hard way, when you can do it the easy way instead.

And better yet, you can do it the easy way for the tiny cost each week of what you charge for a single lash tint (that’s pretty amazing don’t you think?).

Let me share some important information with you…

"Hi Pam, Congratulations on Accelerate Club. You were made for this gig and all that you do for our industry. You’re seriously awesome at it. You deliver with such clarity! I’m especially loving the live videos and connection with other salon owners. I look forward to the difference these modules will make make to my business. Having worked with you before, I know if I follow your lead progress is coming my way!"
Bonnie Phillips
Salon Owner
Staff retention for salons and spas

~You do not have to go it alone.

~It’s rarely easy to run a profitable business that you love.

~You can be successful.

~Everyone needs a little help to achieve their best results.

~Even the best athletes in the world have a coach to help them stay at the top of their game.

"We own and operate two beauty salons on the Gold Coast. Over 12 months ago, after a lengthy search, we enlisted the services of Pam and have not looked back since. Pam is extremely well connected in not only the beauty industry, but business in general. And combined with her own business success, her background in training and coaching and her own very evident drive for perfection, Pam provided us with a fresh and intelligent third part view of our businesses, developing in-depth reporting systems, identifying KPI’s and developing coaching plans for areas needing improvement. Pam has a great rapport with us, our managers and our staff, and through positive coaching techniques has shown how we can grow as a business and as people. Pam has been a huge support to us personally, and has helped ensure our businesses are in the best possible shape in a tough financial climate."
Kylie McLennan
Company Director

These are just the basic topics we'll cover in the Accelerate Club

Attract More salon or spa clients

Attract more & better clients

Discover how to attract more of the right clients into your salon or spa.

Client retention in salons and spas

Keep more existing clients

Learn how to keep your most valuable asset loyal to your business.

Increasing sales in salons and spas

Increase product & service sales

Sales are the lifeblood of your business. Find out how to maximise them every day.

Increasing profits in your salon or spa

Keep more profit

Increasing sales is your starting point but increasing profits must be your goal.

Effective marketing for salons and spas

Market without spending a fortune

Discover how to effectively market your business without spending a fortune.

Business basics for Salon and Spas

Business Basics

You don't need to be an accountant to easily understand business basics.

Recruitment for salons and spas

Get quality staff

Discover simple ways to ensure you have the team you want and need.

Recruitment for salons and spas

Keep quality staff

Your employees are the face of your business. Learn how to keep great staff.

Service Creation for Salons and Spas

Create and price your services

Learn how to create the service menu your clients want and will pay for.

"I was so busy running my business, just keeping up with the demands of it all…I was too busy to stop and look at ways I could improve things. I wrongly believed things would improve in time and with some luck! My coaching with Pam made it happen, looking at things in a way I never thought of and giving me the confidence to believe in myself. After just 3 coaching sessions, I was able to make a decision about purchasing new equipment for my business that will generate tens of thousands of extra dollars in profit every year. Without coaching, I would not have had the confidence to move forward on this, and it may never have happened. I have always had an open mind to learn “better ways” to do things and to have Pam’s experience and knowledge come and be delivered in my own environment was a wonderful and rewarding experience. I strongly recommend Pam as a Business Coach and adviser as her years of experience and expertise are invaluable and I will be using Pam’s services in the future as I grow my business."
Sally Kelly
Salon Owner
SalonSavy Accelerate Coaching Club

If you’re still not sure about the benefits of being part of the Accelerate Club, let me ask you a few clarifying questions

  • Do you ever wonder how much more your business could thrive, if you just had a helping hand from someone who has the knowledge and expertise to guide you along the way?
  • Do you everr encounter a problem that is making your life a misery, but you just couldn’t find the answer by yourself?
  • Are you sick and tired of taking problems home to your partner every night, and then having to deal with the impact it has on your relationship?
  • Have you ever considered getting a coach to help your business grow, but thought you couldn’t afford it?

If you’ve answered ‘yes‘ to most of these questions, then you are definitely in the right place, so keep reading to learn more.

Even more interested in joining the Club?

Once you’ve joined the club you will get everything you need to run a successful business. 

Here’s just some of the inclusions you’ll receive in the Coaching Club …

  • FREE access to to the private Acclerate Club Group where I'll regularly share business advice and answer your questions.
  • FREE Accelerate Business Management Modules with accompanying Resources Booklets covering all aspects of running your business.(Valued between $27 and $67 each). Delivered to your inbox automatically each month.
  • FREE live 30-minute weekly Facebook Chat sessions where you can interact and get your questions answered and explained live.
  • FREE peer support and encouragement from other Salon, Spa and Clinic owners.
  • FREE immediate digital copy of 3 1/2 Secrets to Salon Success (Valued at $30).
  • FREE review of your Service Menu. (Valued at $97)
  • FREE business templates & charts
  • FREE selling scripts
  • FREE client letters
  • FREE business worksheets
  • FREE business checklists
  • FREE support, advice and motivation to keep your business moving forward

I can and will help you with just about anything you need to know to build your business. I won’t hold anything back, and you’ll get exactly the same advice and information that my private clients receive.

Plus, you’ll have the support of others just like you; Salon and Spa owners who want to build their businesses, and make more money in less time.

But if you’re a bit put off by the thought of airing your problems publicly within the group, then you can put that fear to rest.

And here’s why.

If you have a burning question you’d like answered, but don’t want to ask it in the group, you can send me either a Facebook Private Message, a text or even an email, and I’ll provide the answer in the group without any reference to you.

This way, you get to keep your details private, but all the members will benefit from the answer.

Become and Accelerate Club Member today!

Subscription options

You’ll be glad you did!

Accelerate Business Management Coaching Club for Salon, Spa and Clinic Owners
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Private business management coaching may be out of reach for some salon and spa owners but, with the Accelerate Club by SalonSavy, you can get access to your own business coach WITHOUT the high price tag attached.

That makes this club a fantastic business resource and opportunity if you know your business can do better, BUT you don’t know what to do next.

Membership is optional with the choice of a very tiny $25 per week or $97 per month and you’re free to opt in and out as you wish.  There are NO lock-in contracts to worry about and your membership will give you the resources you need to get at least 10 times (or more) back on your investment.

This really is an opportunity too good to miss, so add your details below if you’d like to go on the waiting list to join the Club when it kicks off in mid-January 2018.

Pam Stellema from the SalonSavy Coaching Club

Would you like to know more about why I should be your coach?

I’m glad you do.  What you’ll find when you read my bio is an extensive background in both beauty business and general business.  I’ve run my own successful salons and therefore my advice is based both in fact and research.

Click here to view my full bio and discover why I’m the right person to coach you to success.

Become and Accelerate Club Member today!

Subscription options

You’ll be glad you did!

If the Accelerate Club isn’t a perfect fit for you, you can unsubscribe any time by simply clicking on the unsubscribe button on the right.

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