What are Accelerate PEP-reports?

Accelerate PEP-reports will give your salon or spa the leading edge when it comes to making a profit.

If you had vital salon and team performance data at your fingertips every month, how would that change the decisions you make and the strategies you take to build your business?

How would that information affect the goals you set for yourself and your individual team members?

If you could pinpoint how each team member is performing in your salon across a whole spectrum of key areas, how would that affect your profitability?

Accelerate Performance Enhancement Reports are the most valuable tool your business can have that will allow you to understand completely what is happening in your business every step of the way.

Sample PEPreportSample report

How much more effective could your decision making be with reports that would tell you:

  • Breakdown of male and female client numbers?
  •  Number of clients serviced monthly and daily by each staff member?
  •  Service Income per day, per client by each staff member?
  •  Retail sales by dollar and unit, per day, per client by each staff member?
  •  Gift certificate sales per day by each staff member?
  •  Gift certificate redemption per day by each staff member?
  •  Client re-booking percentages by each staff member?
  •  New clients per day, by each staff member?
  •  Sales figures in your Key Performance Areas per day, by each staff member?
  •  Wages as a ratio of turnover for each staff member?
  •  Comparison of month-to-month sales in every key area within your salon?
  •  Comparison of month-to-month sales in every key area for each staff member?

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to have all this information at your fingertips to allow you to make the right decisions about the actions you need to take in your salon?

No more guesswork: just simple, undeniable fact about what is happening in your salon or spa.  Every staff member can be assessed against the performance of other staff members and the salon as a whole.

You will know at a glance who is REALLY performing in your salon, and who is just making the motions of being productive.

Now wouldn’t that be nice?

With this vital information (and much more) at your disposal, you can and will make business decisions that will grow your business faster and more profitably than ever before.

Integrate this with the expertise of a business coach who specialises in increasing profitability in salons, and you now have a powerful formula for future success.

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