Did you even know about the Ripple?

Chances are you haven’t given it much thought, until now.

Picture what happens when you throw a stone into a calm pond.

Depending on the size of the stone, you will generate a different size ripple.

This is the same ripple effect that good and bad customer service has on your business.

We all know that our clients tell far more people (6 to 20 times more) about their bad customer service experiences (BIG stones) than their good customer service experiences.

Now, because of such social networking sites as Facebook, Twitter and many others, your unhappy customers can literally tell hundreds of their friends about their bad experience, and so the ripple begins.

The impact on your business can be devastating and rapid.

Can your business afford these negative ripples?

At what cost now and into the future?

So how can you control unwanted ripples in your business?


Start by implementing these business tips today.

Tip 1: Train your team to within an inch of their lives on what constitutes “Great Customer Service” in your business. Make it a part of every team meeting and set out clear expectations.

Tip 2: Use every opportunity to praise a team member when you see them delivering outstanding customer service to your customers. Everyone loves positive recognition and will strive to get more if they know how.

Tip 3: Always deal immediately with poor treatment of a customer by a team member. Take the offending team member aside immediately and in private, tell them what you have witnessed, why it is not acceptable to you and what you expect from them in the future. Never ignore a bad customer service event.

Tip 4: Ask customers who have not returned to your business about their customer service experience and prepare yourself to hear some gut wrenching truth. This truth, however, will help you to generate change.

Tip 5: Always lead by example. Your team will always treat their customers the same way they have been treated by you.

Tip 6: See Tip 1…

A favourite quote: If you make customers unhappy in the physical world, they might each tell 6 friends.
If you make customers unhappy on the Internet, they can each tell 6,000 friends.