I was going through my files today and I came across this very apt short article and I thought I would share it with you.
You know me. I’m the one who never complains no matter what kind of service I get.
I guess I just don’t think it’s worth wasting my energy confronting bad service.
I’m the one who goes into a restaurant and sits for 30 minutes until I get waited on.
The waiter is rude and impatient while I’m deciding on what to order. Then when I get my order it’s 25 minutes later and it’s wrong.
But I don’t complain as I pay my bill.
I’m the one who goes to a store to buy something, but I never throw my weight around.
If I get a snooty salesperson who rolls his/her eyes because I want to look at several things before I make up my mind, I’m still polite as can be.
I’m the one who bought a toaster which burned out in two weeks.
I hated taking it back, but I knew it was under warranty.
All the time they were telling me it was my fault.
At that point, I couldn’t think of anything to do but leave.
It wasn’t worth getting into a yelling match over a toaster.
I smiled and said, “Thank you. Goodbye.”
I’m the one who wouldn’t dream of making a scene in public as I’ve seen others do at times.
But I’ll tell you what else I am

I’m the one who never comes back…

(Writer: Anonymous)