Today’s salon, spa or clinic has changed dramatically from 30 years ago.


Back then, a beauty biz could turn a healthy profit just from supplying services alone. As a matter of fact, retail was often considered the cream on the cake rather than an integral part of the profit formula.

How things have changed! In today’s world of IPL, LED, Laser, Microdermabrasion, Microcurrent, RF Therapy, Ultrasound and Specialised Facial Equipment just to name a popular few, it’s a much more expensive proposition to equip a salon, spa or clinic than ever before.

The need to produce more revenue to feed hungry equipment leases is greater than ever, and so, every square inch of your premises has to be devoted to making more money; and that includes your retail shelves.

To experience the best retail success, there are a few tips I can share with you to give your retail sales a welcome boost.

Choosing the Right Products

No matter how amazing a retail range may be, if the price point is too high or too low for your clients, you’ll struggle to sell products.

One way to assess this is to look at the price point of your services. Are you at the high or low end of the price range for the services you provide?

Chances are that wherever your service prices sit on the scale of inexpensive through to top-of-the-range, that’s where your retail products also need to be.

Looking Serious about Retailing

I know it’s the norm these days to have more than one retail range however, if this means that you have a few of this and a couple of that on your retail shelves, then this isn’t the best strategy for your business.

Before a client buys retail from your salon or spa, she needs to know that you have total confidence in it.

A few scattered products sourced from multiples ranges does not reassure your clients that you have confidence in the products you sell.

Rather than continuing on with this strategy, look at who your core clients are (the 20% that generate 80% of your sales) and what they are purchasing from you (or what they want to purchase from you). Then go out and find a range of products that’s a perfect fit for this segment’s needs.

Stop trying to be all things to all people. It diminishes your business when you do this.

Be confident in your business niche and which clients you are a good fit for and then cater for them wholeheartedly.

Creating a Retail Display

Plopping products on shelves and hoping they will sell themselves is optimistic at best. You need to give them a helping hand to increase sales.

1. Put your best sellers at eye-level.  Eye level is buy level.
2. Price your products in a visible location. If you have to hide the price then you are selling the wrong products.
3. Group your products together so that clients can find products that are perfect for their skin type or condition.
4. Never have complete gaps in your retail display. You can’t sell what you don’t have.
5. Always keep testers on hand for your most popular products. Client love to try before they buy.

Getting your Team Members Motivated to Sell

No-one is going to be enthusiastic when selling if they don’t believe in the product – especially therapists. To overcome this, ensure your team members are personally using the retail range you keep in stock.

When they start working for you, organise a package of testers or samples for them to use at home. The last thing you want is to have them raving to your clients about the products they use from the last salon they worked in.

Use retail as productivity rewards and always allow them to buy at your cost.

Devote time at every team meeting to refresh your team on one or two products from your product range. It’s easy to forget the benefits of every product you stock.

Encourage your team to give each other treatments using your products. Let them feel what the clients feel so they can talk more enthusiastically about the benefits your products deliver.

Product Prescriptions and Promotions

Many suppliers provide salons and spas with product prescription pads to use with clients. If you have them, use them. They are invaluable for making a written recommendation for clients who may not be able to purchase all the products required on the day of the service.

Also, stay up to date with promotional material available from your supplier. Take advantage of their promotional packs and special offers which are often provided at a better-than-normal price. This is a great way to introduce clients to your product range without resorting to useless samples.

If you’re using salon posters, be sure to remove them the minute they begin to look faded or tatty. This doesn’t send a good message to your clients.