More Profitable Promotions

by Pam Stellema

Create More Profitable Promotions for Your Salon or Spa

Module Introduction

Many salon owners run promotions almost non-stop with the mistaken belief that quantity of sales, rather than quality of sales, is what will make them more profit.  Not so!

It’s easy to achieve busy-ness in your salon or spa by simply lowering your prices (discounting), but being constantly busy is no guarantee that you will make any profit.  Busy-ness does not necessarily equal profitability. 

Promotions should NOT be about getting clients into your salon at ANY cost...


This comprehensive module shows you how to produce a great promotion that both you and your clients will love.

It aims to help you plan your promotions for greater profitability, while still providing excellent value for your clients. A true win-win scenario.

This module includes a PDF document outlining:

  • Getting clear on the purpose of your promotion.
  • Re-activation promotions - why they're different.
  • Why good promotions should focus on profit not just revenue.
  • Why you should stop discounting and start value-adding.
  • How to combine the right services for a profitable promotion.
  • What is the difference between your primary and secondary services?
  • How to price your promotional offers.
  • Why you should choose your most popular services to include in your promotions.
  • How to target the clients most likely to buy.
  • Measuring your results.

Information Pages: 22

Included Resources in editable Word format are:

  1. Primary and Secondary Services Template
  2. How to Complete your Promotion and Packages Template
  3. Your Promotions and Packages Template
  4. How to Complete the Profitable Promotion Planner
  5. Profitable Promotion Planner
  6. Monthly Promotion Tracker

Templates, Samples, Trackers and Planners: 6


Price: $47.00

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