Productive Time Management

by Pam Stellema

Productive Time Management for Your Salon or Spa.

Module Introduction

We all have the same amount of time - 24 hours a day. However, it’s not how much time we have available to us that matters, as much as what we choose to do with it.

Some people are able to manage multi-million dollar empires, or even run countries with the same 24 hours a day as you have, and yet many others are barely able to find enough time to run a small business successfully.

If you struggle with managing your time and find that looking after the business side of things is suffering as a consequence, then you must become a better time manager. If you don’t, you’ll most certainly end up feeling stressed and burnt-out, and your business and personal life will both suffer...


If you can manage your time successfully, you can manage your business the same way.  This module will help you to pinpoint the things that are eating up your valuable time and show you how to make more time for the important actions every day.

This module includes a PDF document outlining:

  • The 4 key points to time management.
  • Planning.
  • How and what to delegate.
  • How to avoid time-wasting activities.
  • Becoming proactive.

Included Resources in editable Word format are:

  1. Job Delegation Template
  2. Client Allocation Template

Pages: 18

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