Successful Re-booking

by Pam Stellema

Successful Re-booking

Module Introduction

Re-booking and *pre-booking your clients is without a doubt the fastest, easiest, and cheapest way to fill your appointment book. It helps to ensure the return of your clients because they’ve made a commitment to your salon before they leave your premises.
* Pre-booking is securing multiple bookings in advance

Here’s the truth, client loyalty can (and often does) vanish in an instant. A great offer from another salon can steal away your ‘loyal’ client from right under your nose...


Implementing successful re-booking strategies into your salon will not only increase your client retention but will also strongly impact on your revenue due to ensuring clients return regularly for their services.

This module outlines what you need to do to successfully implement this powerful business strategy in your salon.

This module includes a PDF Document outlining:

  • Overcoming the 'grubby' salesperson phobia.
  • The key benefits of re-booking.
  • 4 re-booking benefits for your clients.
  • 5 re-booking benefits for your salon.
  • 6 re-booking benefits for your team members.
  • Getting your team on-board with re-booking.
  • 3 key strategies to help your team re-book their clients more easily.
  • Training your team.
  • Develop your re-booking script.
  • Re-booking steps 1, 2, 3 & 4.

Included resources in editable Word format are:

  1. Team Training - Script Writing
  2. Team Training - Client Compliments
  3. Team Training - Re-booking Time-frames
  4. Team Training - Re-booking Role-play

Pages: 28


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