The 15 Minute Phone Pre-Interview

by Pam Stellema

The 15 Minute Phone Pre-Interview 

Module Introduction

Even when your job advertisement is crystal clear and extremely precise about the skills and knowledge required to gain the position, you’re still going to get unqualified, but hopeful, applicants seeking an interview with you.

And there’s nothing wrong with that – from their perspective. However, for you, undertaking a full interview with these people simply means a waste of valuable time that could’ve been spent doing more gainful and profitable things.

This is why conducting a short, focussed phone interview before committing to an in-depth interview is a wise strategy. It ensures that only pre-qualified people make it to a face-to-face interview with you, which in turn, means you’re far less likely to hire emotionally and end up regretting it. It also represents a substantial saving of your time, which also has a financial value.


Recruiting new staff is a very important part of your business, and getting the right team member can even make or break your salon.

This essential phone interview strategy will ensure only the right job prospects make it through to the interview stage, ensuring your valuable time is not wasted and you don't hire from an emotional position.

This module includes a PDF document outlining:

  • A complete list of revealing questions to ask job applicants with an explanation as to why you need to ask them - before bringing them in for an interview.
  • Self-Evaluation Segment

Information Pages: 19

Included resources in editable Word format are:

  1. 15 Minute Phone Interview Template
  2. Self Evaluation Template
  3. Review and Summary Template

Templates: 3

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