Ever since I got back from Canada, my household electrical items have all decided to go on the fritz. 

I am sure it’s a conspiracy.

Something concocted between them while I was away as payback for leaving them to the mercy of unknown house-sitters.

Well whatever the reason may be, I have had to purchase 2 new kitchen appliances already and dread what the rest of the week may bring.

Being the internet prowler that I am, I have been busily researching which appliances I would buy and how I could get them for the best possible price. 

So this afternoon, armed with all my new found info, I decided to hit the shops…...again.

I did try it earlier in the week and came home empty handed and very disappointed. 

You know how it is when you have decided to spend your money and don’t.

I was frustrated!

I had found the perfect appliances but no one seemingly wanted to take my money.

I had hit 2 big name electrical appliance stores and in the first store, every microwave that I inquired about was “fantastic”, “wonderful” and “incredible”.

Naturally, I was confused because surely they could not all be so amazing. 

Where were the questions about what I needed, where was the guidance toward the best product for me, where was the customer service I wanted? 

Obviously on holidays (which is where I was wishing I still was).

The second big retailer, believe it or not, was even worse.

I wandered through the aisles and aisles of microwaves looking suitably forlorn and in need of help but alas, not one of the many salespeople even bothered to come my way and offer some assistance.

Eventually, I tracked down a salesperson that was cleverly hiding behind a big stainless steel refrigerator and asked her about a rangehood I had researched. 

She pointed to a far corner of the store and said: “They’re over that way”. Sigh!

Finally this afternoon, I hit gold.

I had not been in this particular store for more than 20 seconds before a fantastic fellow by the name of Mark (we’ll call him that because that was his name), put aside a job he was in the middle of doing and came over to help.

Well, needless to say, this story had a happy ending and I left the shop almost $800 poorer, but oh so much happier.

When I think back over it now, Mark really didn’t do anything extraordinary, but what he did do was approach me quickly, ask me some good questions, give me genuine guidance and best of all, carried my purchases out to the car for me.

It doesn’t take much to stand out from the crowd and make the sale. 

Friendly, genuine service was all Mark needed to provide to persuade me to part with my money.

What do you think it will take to make your customers part with their money so readily in your salon?