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6 Actions You Can Take To Resolve Workplace Conflict In Your Salon

Conflict can and does happen in every workplace. Work should be enjoyable for everyone, and this means nipping conflict in the bud as soon as possible once it begins, or better still, preventing it altogether. Whether it’s a large multi-layered business or a small salon or spa, if there are people involved, conflicts are sure […]

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How to Hire for Happiness in your Salon

Over the years, I’ve spoken to countless business owners, and the one issue that seems to haunt the majority of them is the performance of their employees. I would go as far as to say that poor employee performance would be at the top of the list of reasons why many salon owners let go […]

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Identifying and Dealing with Sucky Clients

Every salon owner has them…sucky clients! They make everyone’s life a misery with their poor attitude and lack of respect for your salon.  They make you feel like you say and do everything wrong but still, they keep coming back.  The dilemma lies in what to do with them.  Do you live by the old […]

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Why Your Employees Are Wrecking Your Business, And What You Can Do About It

Good employees are the backbone of every business. When they’re working with you, your business will prosper, but if they are working against you, then expect turbulent times. You might be wondering, “Why would my employees want to work against me?” After all, you employ them, pay their wages and do your best for them. […]

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6 Tips on How To Become A Great Leader in Your Salon

If you own your own salon and employ others, you’ll already know that being a great leader is not something that just happens.  It’s a skill. But the good news is that like all skills, it can be learned. Why do you need great leadership skills? Well, the answer to that is pretty straightforward. If […]

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Make This Christmas Your Best Yet By Implementing These 5 Vital Strategies

It happens once a year, and it’s just around the corner…you guessed it. Christmas is just about here and with it, all the mad rushing, hair-pulling and stress elevating events that make up the silly season in most salons. So let’s examine a few of the things that tend to have you reaching for a […]

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Grow A Better Business with These 10 Easy Strategies

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When you decide to do something different to change your life for the better, you are said to be turning over a new leaf. It means taking the decision to make the changes necessary to turn around some aspect of your life that you are not happy with and want to improve. With the economic […]

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Are Disrespectful Employees in your Salon Spa Making Your Life a Misery?

less stress with better employees

There’s not much that is more stressful in the workplace than having a disrespectful and disruptive employee, especially when that employee is a valuable contributor to the spa’s revenue.  It can put you in a very difficult situation.  Do you simply put up with the disrespectful behaviour for the sake of the money she brings […]

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Do You Have What It Takes To Be Successful In Your Business?

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As a business coach, I’ve had the opportunity to work with many entrepreneurs who say they want to have a successful, satisfying and profitable business.  It’s a dream for many people to have this, but truthfully, not everyone with this dream is likely to make it their reality. Why so? Simply put, it’s because not […]

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When You Hire In Haste You Will Often Repent At Leisure

Hire in haste and repent at leisure! So true, and yet forgotten by so many, so often. When you’re busy and short-staffed, it’s easy to glance through a resume and accept the first job applicant that looks half decent to fill the gap and relieve some of the pressure While this might seem like a […]

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