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Information to help you reduce expenses in your salon

22 Ways to Catapult Your Salon Profits Immediately

Another year is underway, resolutions were made, and hope for a more financially successful year is in the air. While it’s great to be optimistic about what lies ahead, we all know that what actually gets you from a resolution to a result are the actions you take to make things happen. So let’s take […]

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Why Gaining New Salon Clients Isn’t Always the Solution to Your Problems

My coaching clients are encouraged to ask me as many questions as they want to find a solution to their problems. Probably the top question I get asked is “How can I get more new clients?”. I must admit I find this question a little frustrating. Not because the salon wouldn’t benefit from new clients, […]

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The Best Low-Cost Salon Marketing Strategies

From a business perspective, your best-kept secrets are often your salon and your services…and that’s not a good thing! Today, it simply isn’t enough to be the best at what you do and thus expect to turn your business into a roaring success – no matter how many Facebook inspirational quotes tell you otherwise. If your […]

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Double Your Salon Profits Through Better Client Retention

Given the choice, most salon and spa owners will jump at the opportunity to learn how to attract more clients into their business.  After all, that’s how their salons will grow, right? In fact, this isn’t the case at all for most salons I’ve worked with. Each time I work with a new salon or […]

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How to Avoid a Salon or Spa Recruitment Disaster

One of the biggest problems that many industries face, including the beauty industry, is employee turnover. When you consider the cost of advertising, recruiting, training, and development of a new employee, you can certainly see why minimising employee replacement is a great idea. To avoid this additional expense in your salon, you need to recruit […]

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Why Scrimping On Quality Could Be Costing You A Ton of Money

Good salon operators always try to maximise money in and minimise money out of their businesses. But can minimising investment on the wrong things actually be costing you potential revenue? I believe it can, and in this article, we’ll take a look at several different areas in your business where too much scrimping may be […]

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Why Your Employees Are Wrecking Your Business, And What You Can Do About It

Good employees are the backbone of every business. When they’re working with you, your business will prosper, but if they are working against you, then expect turbulent times. You might be wondering, “Why would my employees want to work against me?” After all, you employ them, pay their wages and do your best for them. […]

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Understanding Profit and Loss in Your Spa

The majority of hairdressers and beauty therapists love being creative and caring for their clients. They are passionate about their treatments and their customer service, but unfortunately, that same passion does not seem to extend to “doing the figures” in their business. It’s simply something they don’t enjoy doing, and they find it frustrating and […]

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7 Key Actions That Will Improve Your Salon or Spa Profitability Immediately

Make more profit in your salon or spa

When the going gets tough….the tough get going! Is it time for you to “get going” in your business? It is not uncommon for salon owners to sit back for too long when business drops off, just waiting to see what will happen and hoping for the best. This is what I call the “Emu […]

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Deciding On The Best Cancellation Policy For Your Salon

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I’ve been closely following the variety of posts found on the social media pages relating to the many aspects around Salon Cancellation Policies. What I’ve learned is that there’s no single or absolute solution to fit every business. However, what I know for sure, is that your salon needs to have its own cancellation policy. […]

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