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15 Top Tips to Get More Done in Your Spa Every Single Day

As a business coach, I regularly hear clients tell me that they simply don’t have enough time in each day to do what they need to. Whether it’s staff training, business planning, newsletter writing or something else they really don’t want to do, lack of time always seems to be the reason put forward. We […]

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13 Powerful Strategies to Kick-Start Your Spa in the New Year

At the beginning of each year, most of us make a mighty dollop of personal New Year’s resolutions; get thinner, get fitter, stop smoking, drink less, or maybe it’s all of these and a few more for good measure. However, when you own a business, you often need to extend those resolutions to include new […]

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2 Must-Do Simple Strategies to Avoid Salon Burnout

Running your own business is plain hard work, and if you’re not careful it can sometimes lead to business owner burnout. This is when you no longer feel that the rewards you get are no longer worth the amount of effort you need to put in. But it’s not just the long hours and physical […]

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Make This Christmas Your Best Yet By Implementing These 5 Vital Strategies

It happens once a year, and it’s just around the corner…you guessed it. Christmas is just about here and with it, all the mad rushing, hair-pulling and stress elevating events that make up the silly season in most salons. So let’s examine a few of the things that tend to have you reaching for a […]

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4 Sure-fire Strategies to Avoid Business Burnout

Growing a successful business in the beauty industry can involve lots of stress and hard work. Many spa owners try to divide their time between servicing clients and managing their business, which is why they are often the first to arrive in the morning and the last to leave at night. What inevitably results from […]

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Grow A Better Business with These 10 Easy Strategies

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When you decide to do something different to change your life for the better, you are said to be turning over a new leaf. It means taking the decision to make the changes necessary to turn around some aspect of your life that you are not happy with and want to improve. With the economic […]

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Are You In The Beauty Business Or The Business Of Beauty?

  You may be asking yourself “what’s the difference?”, but the fact is that being in the beauty business and being in the business of beauty are two vastly different things! Here’s a quick overview of both…you decide which category you belong to: Those who are in the beauty business: Generally always arrive first in […]

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A Little Planning In Your Salon Goes A Very Long Way

Working with salon owners can be stimulating, exciting and sometimes downright frustrating. Why do I say that? Because these wonderful, hardworking people should be making much greater financial returns from their businesses than they normally are. They are often the hardest workers in their salons, see the most clients, sell the most product and usually […]

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