rebooking clients

by Pam Stellema

425 Commonsense Business Tips for Salons, Spas & Clinics

A comprehensive overview of commonsense business tips and strategies to inspire, motivate and educate all salon, spa and clinic owners.

Author Pam Stellema, SalonSavy

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3 1/2 Secrets to Salon Success

3 1/2 Secrets to Salon Success E-book

A fabulous e-book for salon and spa owners that will outline the key strategies you can use to improve business and grow profits in your salon or spa.

Easy to read and even easier to understand, this 169 page book will leave your feeling more positive, more knowledgeable and ready to kick-start your salon success.

Author: Pam Stellema

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Rebooking Made Easy

Rebooking Made Easy

Module Introduction

For most of us, it’s simply human nature to resist going the ‘extra mile’ for someone else.  If we feel we don’t have to, or can’t see how we can benefit personally, chances are we won’t go there.

That’s probably how your team members see the rebooking process; just something extra that they have to find the time to do that normally results in zero recognition or reward and will only benefit the salon (read that as the boss).

 No wonder they resist the risk of being rebuffed by their clients just to make the boss happier.  But rebooking clients has many more benefits than just putting more money into the salon’s cash drawer.


Implementing successful rebooking strategies into your salon will not only increase your client retention but will also positively impact on your revenue.

This module outlines what you need to do to successfully implement this powerful business strategy in your salon.

This module includes a PDF Document outlining:

  • Why rebook?
  • The key benefits of re-booking.
  • 4 key benefits for your clients.
  • 4 key benefits for your salon.
  • 6 key benefits for your team members.
  • Getting your team on-board with re-booking.
  • 3 strategies to help your team re-book their clients more easily.
  • Developing customised rebooking scripts.
  • 3 Simple Steps to rebooking success.
  • Team training
  • Training key points

Information Pages: 24

Included resources in editable Word format are:

  1. Team Training – Script Writing
  2. Team Training – Client Compliments
  3. Team Training – Rebooking Time-frames
  4. Team Training – Rebooking Role-play

Scripts & Templates: 4

Price: $25.00

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Keeping Your New Clients

Discover How to Retain More New Salon and Spa Clients

Module Introduction

I’m often asked by salon owners to help them attract more new clients for their struggling and unprofitable salons.  They believe that gaining more new clients is the answer to their business woes, and so, the majority of their marketing efforts (and dollars) are continuously focussed on gaining more new clients.

However, if you review your figures for the past year, you’re almost guaranteed to find that your salon has actually had bucket-loads of new clients coming through your doors.

Unfortunately, in most cases, a fairly big percentage of them didn’t stick around and become regular, loyal clients…and this is why focussing on client retention is actually more important than continuously looking for new clients.


This comprehensive module explains why it’s important to have specific strategies in place to increase the retention rate of new clients.  It also outlines the 9 major action steps required to implement these strategies.

This module includes a PDF document outlining:

  • Why retaining new clients is vital to your salon growth.
  • The 9 major action steps required to retain a new client.

Information Pages: 17

Included resources in editable Word format are:

  1. Salon Audit Checklist
  2. Client Information Card Template
  3. Client Consultation Form Template
  4. New Client Welcome Letter Template
  5. Follow-up Phone Call Script Template

Checklist, Templates, Letter, Script: 5

Price: $45.00

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Full Day Strategy Session

Discover just how fast you can grow your business with a full day, one on one, strategy session with an experienced and proven business coach who specialises in your industry.

9am to 5pm  – 8 full hours with a working lunch provided.
* Available on the Gold Coast or Brisbane only. Other locations will have additional travel costs.

Program details click here.

Price: $1,197.00

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