Just who’s running your salon?

Most salon owners would like to think that they were at the helm of their business… making all the important decisions. 

In actual fact, the people who have the real power to control your destiny are the ones who are dealing with your customers at the coal face each and every day. 

Yes…that would be your staff

They are the ones who can make or break your business by the actions they take and the decisions they make, on your behalf.

Salon owners who have a team, big or small, tell me that one of their biggest ongoing challenges is getting their staff to do what they want. 

It often feels like they are losing the battle in the power war and this leads to masses of stress and frustration. 

So the question I often have posed to me is “How can I make my staff do what I want them to?”

The answer to this is very simple. 

You can’t make your staff do what you want them to unless they want to do it!

Nothing will happen until they feel appreciated and valued and that you share a common goal.

Your team will follow your vision, but first, you need to put in some groundwork.  

It takes some time to build a great employer-employee relationship.

It’s important that if you want your staff to become loyal and hardworking employees that they feel respected and appreciated.


5 Sure Fire Ways to Reduce Employee Commitment to your Business

1.     Deny them their entitlements.  Pay them late and forget about their superannuation contributions.  After all, they don’t need to pay rent, mortgages or buy food and if they do that is their problem.  They should feel honoured just to work for you!

2.     Never, ever give them a lunch break.  They don’t need to eat!  Eating and resting is highly overrated and not at all necessary to keep up stamina and enthusiasm.

3.     Criticise or reprimand them in front of other people … especially other staff and customers.  Everybody needs to be told off when they are doing something wrong and what better time to do it than when there is an audience.

4.     Never provide positive feedback for work well done.  Why should you?  They get paid to do the job, don’t they?

5.     Never say good morning, good night or thank you – ever.  If you start down this track they might begin to think you care about them as people.

5 Even Better Ways to Build Employee Loyalty and Support

1.    Take the time out to get to know what makes your team tick. Spend some quality recreational time with your team and get to know them as individuals.  Learn about what is important to them and develop ways to incorporate this into your business strategy.

2.     Reward them for performance above and beyond the norm. Employees have a knack for doing just what they have to do to keep a job and the boss off their back.  If you want “above and beyond” performance from them you need to find ways to reward it.

3.     Share your vision and goals for your business. Everybody needs to know what path they are travelling on in their life.  Your employees need to know and understand what your passion is so that they can do what you want from them.

4.     Run regular team meetings.  Encourage their input and reward great ideas.  Your employees can generate some amazing ideas because they are usually the ones interacting with your clients and hearing their needs and concerns.

5.     Tell your people when they have done a great job.  Never pass up an opportunity to find an employee doing something right.  People will nearly always live up to your expectations of them.  If you tell them they are great, greatness is nearly always achieved,  whereas if you tell them they’re terrible you have just set the benchmark for their future performance.


Managing people is, without a doubt, one of the hardest parts of business ownership.

Value and recognise the efforts of your team members when they have performed well and they’ll become a valuable asset to your business.