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Welcome to The Coaching Hub

Do you ever feel like you’re going it totally alone in your business, and there’s no-one around willing to help with fresh ideas or ongoing support?

Would you love someone to help you to decide what’s the best direction to take to avoid nasty and expensive pitfalls?

At The Coaching Hub, we understand how that feels.  It’s hard being the boss and trying to always make the right decisions by yourself..all the time.

But that’s where The Coaching Hub becomes your lifeline.

In TCH, you’ll get the opportunity to access 1 on 1 business coaching for your salon, spa or clinic as well as hundreds of business information modules, templates, scripts, charts, worksheets, videos and articles as well.

And the very best part is that everything has been developed exclusively for salon, spa, and clinic owners.

We know and understand your business and your needs through decades of industry exerience.

There’s never going to be a better time than today to get started in The Coaching Hub.

The Coaching Hub

Once you begin your coaching, you’ll be on your way to running a better, more profitable and less stressful business immediately.

This is because your coaching is focussed on meeting your unique needs. We will pinpoint exactly what you need to find a solution to a problem.

Here are just some of the topics we’ll cover during your business coaching…

Client Attraction and Retention

Attract and retain new and better clients that will stay and gladly pay for your services.

Effective Marketing

Learn how to use many different marketing strategies to market your business more effectively without spending a fortune.

Profit Generation

Discover the difference between Revenue and Profit to ensure your business stays successful for the long term

Key Performance Indicators

Find out which KPIs will ensure your salon always stays profitable.

Price Increases

Discover how easy it is to increase your prices regularly without risking client loss.

Standing Out From Your Competitors

Find out how you can be unique in your marketplace so your clients simply can’t go elsewhere for their services.

Employee Recruitment, Retention and Management

Learn how to get it right the first time when employing new team members and then keep them with you for the long-term.

If this is the solution you’ve been waiting for…

Who’s behind  The Coaching Hub?

Hi.  My name’s Pam Stellema and I’m the Principal Coach and founder of The Coaching Hub.

As well as coaching for this amazing industry, I’ve been a multiple-salon owner, copywriter, mentor and advisor to Australian and International salon & spa owners, as well as industry associations and suppliers.

Before that, I did a stint as a Freddo Frog, spent time writing computer code, ran a roadhouse and was a trainer for a Brisbane-based Beauty School.

But getting back to the important stuff…I opened my first salon in Brisbane, which was a huge success, and then worked with my husband for a few years learning how to further refine my business skills.  I then bounced back into the beauty industry with a second, hugely successful, salon on the beautiful Gold Coast.

I sold my salon as an ongoing concern in 2005 and have since coached and mentored hundreds of salon owners before adding industry specific copywriting to my repertoire.

During this time I’ve written and published my book 3 1/2 Secrets to Salon Success, which is about helping salon owners focus on the important and profit-generating aspects of their business.

I’ve also written a bucket-loads of business articles for industry magazines, in excess of 130 business blog articles for salons and spas, over 30 coaching modules for salon and spa owners and a few more e-books.

This business coaching is PERFECT for…

✔ New business owners who want to get it right first time round.

✔ Experienced business owners who want to take their business to the next level.

✔Those who have tried coaching before but didn’t get what they expected.

✔ Anyone who needs support, guidance and someone to really listen to them.

Because I am qualified as a life coach as well as a business coach, I can help you reach your business goals in ways that are comfortable for you.

If you’d like to know more about how to get started, click here.

Ready to get started?