Reaching out to Pam was the best decision I have made for my business.

Pam has helped me to get on the right track and grow my business, teaching me to work on my business more rather than just in it and to help me find and implement ways that have made my salon more successful than I ever thought possible.

It’s so reassuring to have Pam to reach out to for business advice when something is not going right or to tell her about my success when we have tried something new.

Thank you Pam I don’t know where I’d be right now without your help.

So far the Christmas gift vouchers are going really well; we have sold over $7000 in vouchers, I reckon we will reach $10,000 by Saturday! You have helped make my business a success!

Kellie Deaves

Salon Owner, Salon Ten, Mt Hutton, Australia

We own and operate two beauty salons on the Gold Coast.  Over 12 months ago, after a lengthy search, we enlisted the services of Pam and have not looked back since.

Pam is extremely well connected in not only the beauty industry, but business in general.  And combined with her own business success, her background in training and coaching and her own very evident drive for perfection, Pam provided us with a fresh and intelligent third part view of our businesses, developing in-depth reporting systems, identifying KPI’s and developing coaching plans for areas needing improvement.

Pam has a great rapport with us, our managers and our staff, and through positive coaching techniques has shown how we can grow as a business and as people.  Pam has been a huge support to us personally, and has helped ensure our businesses are in the best possible shape in a tough financial climate.

Matt and Kylie

Franchise Salon Owners, Brazilian Butterfly, Gold Coast, Australia

For the Salon Menu Re-write and Review Service:
I can thoroughly recommend this service from Pam – she has been my lifesaver and helped me create a sensational menu. Thank you
Julie Mills

Salon Owner, Heavenly Bliss, Australia

I just wanted to share in case anyone was looking for some help writing their menu’s or brochures up…. Pam Stellema has just saved me so much time and brain strain by writing some beautiful work for me. I absolutely LOVE what she came up with , and would definitely recommend her if anyone else needs help with that kind of service 🙂 x

Amy Farley

Salon Owner, Yummy Mummy Pregnancy Day Spa, Australia

To anyone considering Business Coaching

I’ve now had Pam working with me for the past eight months.  I’m so glad I took the step to get her help.  My business was doing a very average turnover, but I could not make ends meet with the staff and expenses I had.

Pam opened my eyes to the true expenditure of the Salon.  She pointed out some massive leaks I was unaware of and had no idea how to fix.  She gently guided me in the right direction and I’m now feeling much more in control and do see a light at the end of the tunnel.

With goals to expand or duplicate in the future,  Pam has been a wealth of information of what I need to do and put in place at this early stage, so I can work toward achieving this.

Pam’s delivery of training to staff is informative, fun and very motivating.  The fact that she comes to you, makes staff resistance to attendance a non issue.

Thanks Pam for offering such a personal service, your knowledge of business obviously goes far beyond just the beauty industry, and I think this is perhaps what makes you so unique.


Lynette Farrelly

Salon Owner, Secret Sanctum Health and Beauty Salon, Australia

Pam, I would like to thank you once again for the training last week.  I went in and had meetings with everyone the next day and we had a brilliant day.

Joanne Paradissis

Salon Manager, Ella Rouge, Miranda, Australia

Hi Pam,

On May 1st I began the new pricing.  Finally!  I have had 95% positive feed back, with a few patients surprised at the rates. 

I am so pleased with your coaching emails from a world away!  You took the time(even from hospital!) to meet me where I am in my business  and taught me what steps to take to get where the business needed to be. 

I am experiencing the growing pains, but am confident that I am fair in my pricing and services. 

When I really stopped to see all that I offer to the patient experience in comparison to other offices nearby, I come out ahead. 

Being a soft-hearted personality type, I went kicking and screaming into the new rates until I did that comparison. 

My husband admired your email advice and supported me throughout the changes you suggested.

Thank you again Pam.


Leah K Byrd

Clinic Owner, LMT Therapeutic Massage Inc, USA

I’ve been a follower of Pam and SalonSavy for some time; always gaining useful tips for marketing my salon.

When the time came to do a re-branding of my business I needed a fresh easy to read service menu.

Pam instantly came to mind as a copywriter with years of not only coaching but salon management and beauty industry knowledge.

Her insight to my needs was invaluable.

My tri-fold flyer puts all my services, packages and policies in my clients’ hands, in clear concise text.

This new tool is a marketing gem!

Sarah Hall

Salon Owner, The Skin Sanctuary, Brookwater, Australia

Hi  Pam,

Well, what an amazingly productive weekend I’ve had!  Well worth the short flight from Sydney to join you and the many other savvy  salon owners eager to make their businesses thrive.  The content you provided in our 1 day seminar was astounding – jam packed, and I can’t wait to start implementing all your ideas. Actually, instead of hitting the pool I’ve already started the ball rolling from my hotel room!  After 10 years as a salon owner I feel inspired and truly invigorated to forge ahead.

BTW, thank you for your expertise and guidance with my new menu, could not have produced such a concise professional document without your industry knowledge X

Veronica Phillips

Salon Owner, Face Faxx, Sydney, Australia

The APAA has dealt with Pam Stellema over the past 3 years during which time Pam has provided the APAA with excellent support in the areas of Business Coaching expertise, as a Facilitator at our Think Tank meetings, as an engaging speaker on Marketing strategies at our National Educational Conferences and furthermore as the APAA’s External Business Consultant for all business matters.

Additionally Pam Stellema has been very generous with her time when acting in the capacity of a Judge for various Excellence Awards that the APAA promotes to all its members.  Her generosity in time also extends to writing Journal articles in our quarterly journals as well as providing handy marketing tips in our monthly e-newsletters.

Pam’s contribution to the APAA as well as to its members is seen by the APAA Board as one of the major factors in our business success, helping it to become Australia’s premier Association for the Beauty Industry.

We can confidently recommend Pam Stellema and her company SalonSavy as a solid and reliable company and an expert in her Business.

Anne-Marie Marynycz

National President, Association of Professional Aestheticians of Australia (APAA)

I was so busy running my business, just keeping up with the demands of it all…I was too busy to stop and look at ways I could improve things.  I wrongly believed things would improve in time and with some luck!  My coaching with Pam made it happen, looking at things in a way I never thought of and giving me the confidence to believe in myself.

After just 3 coaching sessions, I was able to make a decision about purchasing new equipment for my business that will generate tens of thousands of extra dollars in profit every year.  Without coaching, I would not have had the confidence to move forward on this, and it may never have happened.

I have always had an open mind to learn “better ways” to do things and to have Pam’s experience and knowledge come and be delivered in my own environment was a wonderful and rewarding experience.

I strongly recommend Pam as a Business Coach and adviser as her years of experience and expertise are invaluable and I will be using Pam’s services in the future as I grow my business.

Sally Kelly

Salon Owner, Beauty Secret Skincare, Australia

Dear Pam,

It’s 2.55am here and I am reading your last article sent to me “Just who’s Running Your Business?” I couldn’t go to bed not writing to tell you how helpful your notes and articles are to me.  I always print them and carry them with me, eager to keep reading them.  We always think we know many things about our business or employees, but for sure we always forget them and you remind us of them.

This is just to say THANK YOU and tell you how helpful you are and I really do appreciate what you are doing.  I always follow your writings.

Thanks again and all the best.

Paris Spa

Spa Manager, Dubai, UAE

I love working with Pam!

From our first consultation, she made me feel that she understood the frustrations I was going through.  I was at a stage in my business where I wanted to move forward but wasn’t sure just how to do this.

As a result of my first coaching session, Pam encouraged me to make a few simple changes regarding my product display and the clients love it.  We are selling about 20% more product.

We also cleared a lot of the clutter on the front counter and it amazed me, that just by making a few minor adjustments, we saw so many financial rewards.  People took us more seriously, and we presented ourselves as true dedicated professionals.

I also feel better able to communicate with my staff by having a list of procedures that must be followed and so now we all do our treatments the same.  The girls are also very excited about their new reachable targets.

I would highly recommend Pam for anyone wanting to build their business.

Lisa Gray

Salon Owner, Beauty Naturally, Australia

I needed a professional with experience, whose advice I valued, to help me put my new service menu together.

At first, I was taken back, but I have to confess it was amazing to actually have all the correspondence on paper so I could keep reviewing the info.

At this very moment, I am currently in the process of starting an online business and I wouldn’t do the communicating any other way after this time with Pam.  As a project manager, well Pam, you are all over it!  Congratulations, many have tried to organise me and you win.

Normally I procrastinate over everything for so long I give up.  I feel accomplished and with so many things to get in place, I would recommend Pam to everyone who wants effective results.

The highlight for me was seeing the project finalised so quickly with professional results that will take my salon to another level.  The results were amazing and left to me it would not have happened.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I can’t wait to work with you again.

Sharon Fallon

Salon Owner, So U Beauty, Grafton, Australia

Thanks so much Pam. xx

Your help has been just wonderful so far and I realise when you said this could be a two or three year plan to get my salon operating at optimal levels you were as always SPOT ON.

Getting through my plan you have set.

There is no way I could have got myself this organised.

Thanks for making this journey not seem so overwhelming. x

Lisa Phillips

Salon Owner, Lumiere Beauty, Australia

Hi Pam,

I enjoyed our phone call this morning.

I just wanted to say thank you!!

You inspire me to do and be better. Onward and upward from here… thanks to you!!!

Have an amazing rest of the week, looking forward to our next chat.


Yvette Morey

Salon Owner, The Natural Touch, Australia

In the past, I was hesitant to undertake coaching because I was unsure if it was going to be a good financial investment.  However, I am glad that I finally overcame my hesitancy to invest in my business.

I knew I needed help with retail and just some general support, but where I am located, it’s difficult to get the support I needed.  That’s where phone coaching was a great solution for me.

Before coaching, I lacked motivation and had resistance to selling for personal reasons.

The coaching I have had with Pam, has taught me how to retail without being emotionally connected to that sale or recommendation.  I have also experienced positive and motivating support, and as I am a lone trader, this has been invaluable for me.

Retail sales have really improved, in a measurable sense.

I would recommend coaching with Pam to anyone who needs to learn anything to do with running a business and needs some support to make it happen.

Carol Cornford

Salon Owner, Liquid Gold Beauty, Australia

Hi Pam,

Silvia from Bohemian Beauty here. I had my price list designed by you mid last year and what an asset!

Silvia Bell

Salon Owner, Bohemian Beauty, Ulverstone, Australia

Thank you for your help Pam.

My re-viewed price list has been taken to the whole new level of presentation.

It sounds like a menu at a fancy restaurant, even waxing sounds like a treatment you’d desire. It’s like a cherry on the cake for my new, luxury day spa opening soon.

Thanks Pam! I thought I could do it myself, but I wouldn’t have achieved such a neat, floating and relaxing feel to it.

Take care,
Silvia Bell

Silvia Bell

Salon Owner, Bohemian Beauty, Ulverstone, Australia

Pam, I just want to take the opportunity to thank you for your continued advice on dealing with difficult people in the workplace, and in life.

As you’d know, management or rather leading isn’t always an easy thing, especially when you have added pressure of work conflict, but your notes etc have greatly helped, and finally our salon is working at a much happier place, and in so, we’re reaching target.

Thank you again.


Salon Manager, Ella Rouge Castle Towers, Australia

Until recently, I wasn’t aware that business coaching for salon owners was even available.

But now that I’ve taken the plunge, I’ve learned many important things about how to run a successful salon.  Things such as not discounting my services, how to package my treatments effectively, and even more importantly, the true cost of the services I’m providing to my clients.

I chose Pam because she not only has extensive business experience, but also extensive personal experience within the beauty industry.  She understands this industry and that’s important.

I definitely recommend coaching to other salon owners, especially those who are just starting out with a new salon; so they start on the right path.  It can be difficult to make changes to the way you run a salon, but as long as you’re open to learning new things, you can do it.

Karina Dowse

Salon Owner, Provincial Beauty, South Australia