Every employer knows that when you have your staff on board 100% and sharing your vision, then day-to-day activities just seem to go a whole lot smoother.

Not only do you need your valuable staff to turn up to work every day, but you need them to actually want to come to work also.

Why Should Happy Staff Members Matter To You?

When your staff love their job, it’s going to show in lots of different ways.

It will most certainly affect every facet of your business from customer service right through to the improved quality of treatments and what that inevitably results in is higher profitability for your salon.

More satisfied customers generally always result in better business through repurchasing, re-bookings and referrals.

So, what can you do to make your staff feel this way?

It’s very easy really, but you do have to make the effort initially to introduce some of these truly simple concepts into your workplace.

The results will be well worth the effort.


Here are 35 really simple and exceptionally inexpensive ways for you to let your staff know that they are truly appreciated and part of your special team. Start implementing them today and watch the transformation happen in your salon!


Tip #1. Make the time to get to know your staff and find out what excites them.

Tip #2. Ask your staff about their aspirations and expectations.  Be interested in what matters in their lives.

Tip #3. Make sure your staff know what is expected of them.  Communicate well and often.

Tip #4. Find out what kind of training your staff would like to undertake and make it happen if you can. There is nothing worse than a staff member who is not trained and decides to stay in your employ.

Tip #5. Make sure your staff have all the tools that they need to do a really great job.  Poor tools result in poor outcomes.

Tip #6. Ensure that their work is as interesting as possible by providing variety, increased responsibility, involvement in special projects or cross-training.

Tip #7. Never make a promise you cannot or will not keep. You will destroy the trust in your relationship

Tip #8. Really listen when they are speaking (that means shutting up for a minute) and ask good questions to show that you heard what they said.

Tip #9. Make team meetings fun and ask your staff to bring along some good ideas on the subject you will be discussing. Have team members chair the meetings and provide some of the team training.

Tip #10. Don’t make team meetings a time to dread for your staff. Stay positive and never publicly criticise a team member.

Tip #11. Say “yes” as often as possible. Be receptive to new ideas and be enthusiastic.

Tip #12. Encourage humour, laughter and an atmosphere of success in the workplace.

Tip #13. Ask for their ideas and input across all aspects of salon management. Staff who have ownership of new ideas will embrace them with much more enthusiasm.

Tip #14. Never criticise one staff member in front of another. Always encourage positive comments. You want team building, not team destruction.

Tip #15. If staff are under-performing, find out what the real problem is and fix it.

Tip #16. Say hello to everyone every morning when they arrive at work.

Tip #17. Say thank you every day before they go home.

Tip #18. When staff bring you a problem, ask them to come up with their own solutions to overcome dependence on you.

Tip #19. Reward staff performance with something that matters to them.

Tip #20. Empower your staff to make great decisions. Train them in how to do this.

Tip #21. Send a birthday card to their home and include a handwritten message.

Tip #22. Organise a small birthday celebration amongst their peers and provide a cake.

Tip #23. When they’re angry, let them vent. Ask them what they think could be done to make things right.

Tip #24. Develop a social club or regular get-togethers outside of work ( there is always a staff member who will love to set up and run a social club)

Tip #25. Take every opportunity to tell them when they’ve done a great job. Your team will want to live up to the higher standard that they’ve set for themselves.

Tip #26. Let them teach you something.  You’ll be surprised at what they know.

Tip #27. Respect them and their time.

Tip #28. Be understanding when your staff are having a bad day.  After all, we’re all human.

Tip #29. Ask your staff for their feedback as often as possible.  Make them feel like their thoughts matter.

Tip #30. Stay flexible. No one is right all the time – not even you.

Tip #31. Ask for their opinion when there is a problem and don’t rubbish what they think.

Tip #32. If you are wrong, always say “sorry”.

Tip #33. Make yourself available to them at all times.

Tip #34. Lead by example. If you want your staff to have integrity they must see it in you 100% of the time.

Tip #35. Smile….it’s contagious!

“We must become the change we want to see” Mahatma Gandhi