When I speak to my clients about the need for ongoing staff training, I often hear “I hate spending the money to hold staff training because eventually they will leave and I have wasted my money“.

While this may sound like valid reasoning to some, I wonder if much thought has been given to the repercussions of continuing to think along these lines.

So, here are my (tongue in cheek) 9 TOP reasons why you should never train your staff:

9. Well trained employees generate substantially more income through effective, relationship building retail sales.

I can certainly understand why you wouldn’t want that! All those extra retail sales mean you will never be off the phone, ordering more stock…now that’s a pain!

8. Well trained employees generate substantially more income through up-selling of services and elimination of gaps in the appointment book.

That’s a real problem.  When will there be time for coffee and chatting in the lunch room?

7. Well trained employees deliver substantially better customer service

That’s just scary.  Now all those customers you have spent so much money on attracting will actually want to come back and spend more money!

6. Well trained employees stay longer in their jobs.

This is a real problem for those of you who love spending time and money on recruitment and new employee training and indoctrination.  Not to mention having to keep all those customers who leave when their personal technician leaves your salon.

5. Well trained employees are happier and more motivated in their jobs.

This can be downright depressing if you enjoy working in a tense and moody environment every day! Happy people can be so depressing to be around.

4. Well trained employees retain more clients.

So what are you supposed to do with all those cash generating, extra clients coming in? Sounds like a problem to me.

3. Well trained employees get more personal referrals.

That’s a problem too – even more clients wanting to spend their money in your business.  Where will it all end?

2. Well trained employees achieve better re-booking percentages.

If those clients keep coming back regularly, you are going to be forced to hire more staff and you know what that means!

And last but not least

1. Well trained employees work more efficiently. 

You know what this means.  More work, more money and then. in the blink of an eye, you have a tax problem to deal with!

I hope you enjoyed my tongue-in-cheek list of why you should never train your staff and would like to finish this post by sharing one of my favourite quotes with you.

“There is only one thing worse than training my staff and having them leave and this is it….. NOT TRAINING THEM AND HAVING THEM STAY!”