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6 Simple Steps to Conquer Overwhelm

We all feel overwhelmed at times. Too many things to do and not enough time to do them in. The real problem with overwhelm is that when it strikes, it tends to bring you to a complete stop. You just don’t know what action to take next, and so you take no action at all…

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13 Powerful Strategies to Kick-Start Your Spa in the New Year

At the beginning of each year, most of us make a mighty dollop of personal New Year’s resolutions; get thinner, get fitter, stop smoking, drink less, or maybe it’s all of these and a few more for good measure. However, when you own a business, you often need to extend those resolutions to include new…

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Say Goodbye To Useless Stress in Your Spa

Stress is one of those things that every salon and spa owner is going to feel at some time or another. Let’s face it, with so many challenges to meet head on every day, there are going to be times when you feel out of control and let stress slip right into your headspace. But not…

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2 Must-Do Simple Strategies to Avoid Salon Burnout

Running your own business is plain hard work, and if you’re not careful it can sometimes lead to business owner burnout. This is when you no longer feel that the rewards you get are no longer worth the amount of effort you need to put in. But it’s not just the long hours and physical…

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4 Sure-fire Strategies to Avoid Business Burnout

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Growing a successful business in the beauty industry can involve lots of stress and hard work. Many spa owners try to divide their time between servicing clients and managing their business, which is why they are often the first to arrive in the morning and the last to leave at night. What inevitably results from…

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7 Simple Things You Can Do To Build A More Successful Spa Business

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1.  Stop discounting. Discounting your products and services will almost always lead you down the road to financial stress. I know you have most likely heard and read this message many times over from a variety of sources, and yet it continues to happen in most salons.  It may seem like a good short-term solution…

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Are You In The Beauty Business Or The Business Of Beauty?

You may be asking yourself “what’s the difference?”, but the fact is that being in the beauty business and being in the business of beauty are two vastly different things! Here’s a quick overview of both…you decide which category you belong to: Those who are in the beauty business: Generally always arrive first in the…

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Finding the Hidden Profits in Your Salon

It’s challenging and exciting being a business coach. I have the opportunity to work with a wide variety of salon owners and their staff, and yet I have never yet found any two businesses to be remotely similar. This is where the fun part comes in though! Getting to find where the hidden profits are…

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