Do you know what percentage of the time the Apollo 11 was on course to the moon in 1969?

Would you believe just 3%?

But they got there in the end!

You might wonder how they finally reached their destination when they were headed in the right direction only 3 % of the time.

Well, the flight crew weren’t spending all their time just bobbing about weightless in space. 

They had to constantly monitor every aspect of their flight’s progress. 

And whenever anything was amiss, they corrected it…exactly the same way salon owners need to check and correct their business to ensure that haven’t strayed from the path that will lead them to their goals!

So the entire trip was a constant process of check and correct, check and correct, to make sure they reached their intended destination.

And so too through this constant process of checking and correcting, you can make sure that your salon reaches the goals you’ve set for it.

While you may well have a system of gauges and instruments similar to those in the Apollo 11, the most common tools used to check a salon’s progress are Key Performance Indicators or KPIs for short. 

Your Key Performance Indicators are a set of quantifiable measures that your salon uses to gauge or compare performance in terms of meeting your business goals.

The power of KPIs comes from a simple concept you may have heard me refer to before and that is, what you can MEASURE you can MANAGE.

Measuring KPIs means you know where you stand at any given moment (CHECK) and can adapt your strategy to improve your results right there and then (CORRECT).

And you can use your KPIs as often as you need to, to make sure your business stays on track and gets where you need it to be.

So the question is this…what are the Key Performance Indicators in your salon, and how are you tracking them to make sure your business has a safe landing?