Are you stuck in a permanent client attraction frenzy?

If you are, then let me assure you that you’re not alone.

Most salon owners are continuously on the hunt for new clients, which begs the question, “What happened to all the previous clients that have patronised your business in the past?”.

But, I won’t get too deeply into that because I’ve covered that topic in earlier posts.

The fact is that most of the time you should be much more focused on client retention, but there are times when client attraction strategies should take precedence.


Starting a brand new salon or spa.

This is pretty self-explanatory.

When you first open your doors, you need to attract as many new prospects as possible.  And then you have to impress them like they’ve never been impressed before in the hope of retaining them as clients.

Here’s a tip though.  It takes up to 5 visits by a new prospect before they mentally commit to your business, so don’t get too blasé, too quickly.

When you lose a key team member.

Much as you hate the thought of losing clients when you lose a team member, it’s a reality, and previously loyal salon clients stampede away like a herd of cows in search of a hay bale.

While there are strategies you can implement to help prevent this from happening, the fact is people get very attached to their favourite stylist or therapist, and it can be next to impossible to stop clients from leaving under these circumstances.

When this happens, you need to revert to focusing on Client Attraction Strategies quick smart to rebuild your database.

When you employ a new team member.

New team members need to return a profit to your salon as quickly as possible, but this can’t happen if you can’t fill their appointment column.  Generally, this means new clients are needed.

Focusing intently on getting as many new prospects lined up for your new team member as fast as a superman on steroids just makes good sense.


If you’ve taken your eye off the ball and let client numbers slip without taking any action.

It happens. We all get distracted at times and forget to monitor key figures (like how many clients haven’t been back to the salon in a while).

So when you suddenly realise you’ve had a drop in client numbers, or you’re not getting as many new clients as you normally do, you need to pull out all stops and re-build your numbers.

All business boils down to being a numbers game, and at the end of the day having the best treatments and offering great value doesn’t amount to much if you haven’t got sufficient clients to sell them to.