Videos are now the BIG thing for social media.  They get more views, more shares and more comments so, given all that,  it’s probably a good idea to be using them.
The problem in the past has been that it’s been too time consuming and required a bit of a learning curve, and well honestly, who’s got time for that?!?
But I think I’ve found the perfect solution…
I’ve been using the free version of this resource for a while now, and it’s just getting better and better.  It’s fantastic for creating videos to share with your clients on social media and it’s super-easy to learn how to use.
Check out a couple of the videos I’ve created with Lumen5 so far.

and this one…

If you think these videos are a great idea (like I do), then head over to and try it out for yourself.
You’ll be making eye-catching videos for your business in no time at all!