Do you know the difference between a price list and a service menu?  

Are they the same thing to you?

Well actually, they are and they aren’t; both list your services, your prices, some content and your contact details, but only one of them is an amazing marketing tool for your salon that helps you to make a great deal more profit.

To give you an example of what I mean, let’s forget all about beauty salons or spas for a moment, and instead think about our favourite restaurants.

Chances are your favourite restaurant has a fantastic menu.

Just the right number of delicious temptations with mouth-watering descriptions of each meal on the menu.


The Perfect Service Menu

A fantastic menu, whether in a restaurant or a salon, should tempt you to try almost everything on it, because it all sounds so totally irresistible.

Just reading the descriptions of each restaurant dish delights your senses…you can almost taste the food and know that you just have to try them all over time.

This is the difference between an average menu and a great menu.

When it comes to creating a great menu for your salon or spa, it’s not good enough to simply list every single treatment down such as ‘nostril hair waxing’ and plonk a price beside it.

It’s not good enough for your services to have less-than-tempting descriptions that read like a cake recipe. 

You know what I mean…  ‘First, we’ll do a double cleanse, followed by an exfoliation. Next is a facial massage and we finish with a treatment mask.

OMG – how bloody boring can it get?  

I just can’t see any person getting mouth-wateringly excited over this kind of treatment description, can you?

It’s not good enough if your service menu is bland and boring when it could be thoroughly enticing.

Your menu must make your clients think,“That treatment sounds INCREDIBLE. It’s exactly what I want and need “.  

Your treatment descriptions must connect with your readers on an emotional level; a level where they know that your treatment is the solution to their problems.

Your menu also has another important job – it should move your clients away from selecting their services based purely on price and begin selecting the experience and outcome instead.

Your service menu should help you to make more money.

So much about your service menu can help you to make more money from each of your clients.

Layout, service placement, descriptions, fonts, colours, graphics, feel, inclusions, policies; these and more need to be carefully considered when putting together the perfect menu for your salon.  If it’s not compelling, your clients and prospects won’t bother to read it.

The wrong colour or font may well deter an important segment of your target market, while the wrong layout and design may cost you thousands of dollars in lost revenue every year; all because your clients lost interest early and didn’t connect with your treatments.

Aside from too little information, sometimes too much information can also be a real turn-off for clients and prospects. 

You need to ensure that just the right amount of information is included so that your service menu can do its job and that is to make you more money from more clients.

Your salon is unique. 

Therefore, you can’t simply have a slightly different menu from the salon down the road – same services, same descriptions, same policies, but with a different logo and phone number and expect people to get excited when they read it.

How is this going to entice new clients to try out your salon?  

They may as well stay put if it all sounds exactly the same as where they currently go.

Your clients and prospects need to see that you offer unique services with unique benefits; treatments that offer them real benefits and solutions.

So, if right now, your service menu is lacking and simply a bunch of service names followed by a lack-lustre list of ingredients and techniques used, then you’re in dire need of a menu make-over.

You may be missing out on thousands of additional income dollars each year simply because your menu is not doing its job; and that’s to make you more money.

So, how does your current service menu rate?

Would you give it a 10 out of 10?